Ships in time for Father's Day

Father's Day Gift Box ~ Rad Dad Deluxe Edition

Father's Day Gift Box ~ Rad Dad Deluxe Edition

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This might be the best Father's Day gift ever. Seriously! Get it for the "Rad Dad" in your life. 

Our deluxe bundle includes

  • A signed copy of Father Figure: How to Be a Feminist Dad (we'll personalize it with a message, just ask).
  • An upcycled BBQ Apron, made from upcycled beer filter cloth
  • Choose between a limited edition "Feminist Dad" t-shirt, designed by the same guy who designed the original Twitter logo (and more importantly, the Father Figure book cover) or "Mangina" t-shirt.
  • The perfect bumper sticker for Mom's Mini-Van, Volvo, or Subaru Outback (sticks to other car models/makes too).
  • Collectible buttons: "Cancel Patriarchy" & "Man Up to Feminism"

Ships in June. Arrives in time for Father's Day.

"I love that you put these gift packs together. In a sense, it's a gift for moms, because then we don't have to do all the making magic for yet another person, on a special day." -Brandy Ferner, author, podcaster, mom. 


SIGNED copy of Father Figure: How to be a Feminist Dad

The Feminist Dad "Hot Meat" BBQ Apron

Made from cloth used to filter
 hops and barley at large American beer manufacturing plants.

Breweries cycle through filter cloth to the tune of 100,000 tons ANNUALLY because it can only filter efficiently for a short time. The folks at Rewilder in Los Angeles have salvaged and repurposed used cloth into these custom aprons that are tough and durable, yet soft and lightweight. Upcycled climbing ropes are washed and hollowed out to make the straps. 


It really doesn't get any more macho than that. 

- 32 1/2"H x 24 1/2"W
- Two front pockets
- Adjustable waist tie for one-size-fits-all
- Machine wash with mild soap
- Handmade in Los Angeles, USA at the Rewilder studio
- Sustainably made from 100% repurposed materials
- 100% Vegan, PETA approved

- Because the aprons are made from upcycled materials, no two are alike, with variation in color. Upcycled climbing ropes can be various colors from what is shown. 

Choose between limited edition "Feminist Dad" t-shirt.

All the other soccer moms will envy you when you slap this bumper sticker on your mini-van, Volvo station wagon, or Subaru Outback. Let the Karens know that your husband is a radical feminist!

This is the real #CancelCulture...and that's why so many dudes, who benefit from male privilege, are worried and whining. 

Feminist Toxic Masculinity Button. Are you MAN ENOUGH to show everyone that you know what it takes to be A REAL MAN?